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A wooden kitchen island for all styles

A wooden kitchen island for all styles

Wood is still trendy in the kitchen and especially for the central island which becomes the centerpiece of the room. And did you know that your island can set the tone for your kitchen? Discover 5 wooden islands for very different styles.

A wooden island for a Scandinavian style

Schmidt ### Inspired by the Swedish brand Ikea, the Scandinavian style combines pure lines with materials like wood. To accentuate the style, opt for an island that mixes wood with white parts that are sure to highlight the chosen species.

A wooden island for a design style

Hygena ### For a design style, the kitchen island adopts several materials. In this kitchen, for example, wood is used on the corners of the square to soften the presence of metal in the cupboards and the worktop that imitates stone. All this makes the island very current and practical.

A wooden island for a chalet style

Schmidt ### If you want to give a chalet atmosphere to your interior, wood is obviously ideal! It will then be necessary to choose an essence which lets appear the knots of wood. For the tray, you can choose stone or an imitation to bring an even rougher side.

A wooden island for a retro style

Arthur Bonnet ### Finally, for a retro touch in the kitchen, you can opt for a wooden island painted in a soft color like the blue gray of this kitchen. To remind more natural wood, choose an unpainted wooden tray.