Get inspired: 10 rooms for teenage girls

Get inspired: 10 rooms for teenage girls

The teenage bedroom is also the domain of girls! Leaving childhood but not yet adults, their world tilts between that of little girls and women. So that their bedroom gently accompanies them in this transition, we put on a decor between two. Here are 10 rooms selected for teenage girls.

A maid's room

Alinéa If your daughter is starting to become a real young lady, it is time to make some changes in the bedroom. You can keep its pink furniture provided you bring a more trendy touch with red and yellow. Choose a larger bed and have an armchair to receive.

A room to express yourself

Leroy Merlin The teenage bedroom must be a real field of expression. Then let your daughter take possession of the room with small personal decorative items to place on a shelf and photos to display on the wall.

A room with teen walls

Leroy Merlin It is time to drop the princess wallpaper, we prefer something more cheerful and graphic like these colorful flowers which are still very feminine.

A pink room

Goal If your teen wants to keep their pink bedroom, we will then put on new furniture to give a more trendy look to the room. For example, choose a mezzanine bed and offer him a sofa to receive his friends.

A bedroom with decorative accessories

Goal To transform a child's bedroom into a teenage bedroom, bet on accessories. Consider having a trendy rug and cushions. Add a trendy ottoman and a few paintings and you're done!

A female room

Goal If your teenager already sees himself as the heroines of his favorite series, choose a room that looks more adult with a large bed and contemporary furniture. To keep a childish touch, use pink for a wall and some accessories.

A sweet room

Fly To feminize a bedroom, consider choosing colored furniture such as a headboard or a desk. Prefer purple to pink to give a more trendy and adult style that your girls will love.

A mixed teenage bedroom

Alinéa For your daughter's teenage bedroom, you can also opt for mixed colors like green. And for a cheerful and feminine touch, bet on fuchsia accessories.

A retro room

But Finally, know that you can play the sobriety card by betting on the retro style. Very trendy and timeless, it will seduce young girls with its soft colors.