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A former Parisian warehouse transformed into a family loft

A former Parisian warehouse transformed into a family loft

In a sought-after area of ​​the capital, a couple has managed to find the incredible: an old fabric warehouse transformed into a huge contemporary loft. In these impressive volumes mix industrial influences from the building, design objects and decoration inspired by nature. This subtle blend has made it possible to transform this ultra modern loft into a real family home.

The kitchen: meeting between countryside and city

Fabienne Delafraye What makes the charm of this kitchen is the subtle mixture between brick, metal and wood. And to remind the raw side of the brick wall, we play on the rusty effect of the metal plate.

Wooden boxes as shelves

Fabienne Delafraye To create shelves keeping the rustic spirit of the kitchen, the owner used painted wooden crates.

Natural spirit kitchen accessories

Fabienne Delafraye When you want to give a particular style to your kitchen, you have to take care of the smallest details. Here, we have mixed styles and materials right down to the pots and accessories.

Cement tiles for authentic cuisine

Fabienne Delafraye The trendy cement tile is an excellent decorative accessory. In this kitchen, he was chosen for his authentic side and his retro pattern.

An open kitchen in a loft spirit

Fabienne Delafraye The charm of this apartment is its surface and its volumes. So to avoid partitioning the space, the kitchen was left open. The separation between the rooms is simply done by a change of style.

A dining room that mixes industrial decor and nature spirit

Fabienne Delafraye To avoid an atmosphere that is too cold due to the industrial past of the building, the decoration has been declined around natural colors. The beige and gray tones as well as the large wall painting bring a cozy side to the dining room.

An industrial spirit thanks to the glass roof

Fabienne Delafraye The canopy is the almost essential element when you want to give your interior an industrial spirit. If you are not lucky enough to have one original, as here, you can put a canopy that will serve as a separation between two rooms for example.

A nature and design fair

Fabienne Delafraye The shades of gray, white and beige give a natural spirit to the room. With its marble candle holder and its golden vases, the living room mixes design objects and furniture with a minimalist spirit.

Integrate your books into decoration with a few accessories

Fabienne Delafraye Books are always a little tricky to integrate into a decoration with a very refined style. To find their place, the owners have placed, among them, designer vases in the colors of the room.

Trompe-l'oeil furniture to create the illusion

Fabienne Delafraye For an immersion in the heart of nature, you can play with trompe-l'oeil furniture, as here, with this beanbag inspired by pebbles.

Kitchen, living room, dining room: a fully open living space

Fabienne Delafraye When the owners visited this former warehouse, they fell in love with its large spaces. They therefore thought of their living room as a huge space combining living room, dining room and kitchen.

A custom concrete staircase

Fabienne Delafraye Designed by the owner, this concrete staircase cuts the space with style. Concrete, a trendy material, recalls the industrial side of this redeveloped warehouse. Useful and design, the staircase blends perfectly with the decoration of the living room.

XXL decor to occupy the great outdoors

Fabienne Delafraye Wanting an apartment in the loft spirit means having to adapt its decoration to very large spaces. The living room of this apartment has been decorated with XXL design objects, such as this rhino.

The decoration is also played on the stairs

Fabienne Delafraye When the staircase is an integral part of the living room, do not forget to decorate it. Here, a few candles and tealight holders in the living room colors were enough.

A wire ramp: practical and decorative

Fabienne Delafraye Thanks to its wire ramp, this staircase is perfectly secure while bringing a contemporary decorative touch to the whole room.

Arrange nooks in the staircase

Fabienne Delafraye Arranging the nooks and crannies on the staircase optimizes this space. If you do not store there, obviously, useful everyday objects, you can put there, as here, souvenirs and decorative objects.

A refined room that invites relaxation

Fabienne Delafraye This room is like the apartment: minimalist and design. To occupy the walls, we play on XXL accessories and a wooden seat warms the entire white room. This refined bedroom decoration invites you to relax.

The room: a clever mix of high-tech and vintage

Fabienne Delafraye This vintage-style bedside table goes well with the high-tech plug & dream headboard. For a room with retro touches and modern elements, you can play with colors to harmonize the decor.

A natural spirit bathroom

Fabienne Delafraye From materials to accessories, everything has been thought of to remind nature. And so that this bathroom invites relaxation, we preferred to choose elements with rounded shapes and neutral colors.

Pebbles for the natural spirit

Fabienne Delafraye In this bathroom, no tiling. To remind nature, it is a pebble wall that dresses the room.

Invite nature into your bathroom with accessories

Fabienne Delafraye To give a natural spirit to your bathroom, nothing better than inviting it directly into the room! Here, we chose a towel holder made of branches.

Neutral and natural colors

Fabienne Delafraye The ambiance of a bathroom also involves the choice of bathroom linen. For a natural shower room, the owners opted for white towels combined with lightly colored linen. To store the accessories and keep the natural spirit, they chose small baskets in neutral tones.