30 cabins for children

30 cabins for children

What child has not dreamed of having a cabin of his own to live great adventures? Mounted on stilts, suspended in the trees, small cottage version or simply placed on the ground, there are some for all styles and all desires. Full beacon on 30 cabins reserved for children who caught our eye!

A cabin on wheels

Relaxshacks To make your daily life easier, the children's cabin is on wheels. A tip that allows you to move it in your garden according to the desires of your little one. Source: Relaxshacks

A multifunctional cabin

CedarWorks A climbing wall integrated into the facades of the cabin? Here is an original idea that will surely appeal to the most athletic children! Source: CedarWorks

A very natural cabin

Lilliput Play Homes Traditional, discreet and playful, this green cabin fits in perfectly with its environment and that's what we like. Source: Handmade Charlotte

A small cottage version cabin

Lilliput Play Homes Unlike wooden huts that try to blend into the background, this model proudly displays its façades inspired by British cottages. An original and fun construction that will appeal to the whole family. Source: Lilliput Play Homes

A functional cabin

Tengbom Resolutely contemporary, simple and elegant with its precise cut and its enveloping lines, this sublime cabin will quickly become the architectural asset of your outdoor space. Source: The lumberjack's wife

A hut for spending

Cedarworks Favorite for this colorful cabin, a real outdoor play area for children. Its plus: this bar located on the left which offers a fun way to get out of the hut. Source: Cedarworks

A fully open cabin

Rose hip Take advantage of the construction of a cabin for your children to give style to your green space. Like here, with this hanging construction with a striking, open design, and protected by a metal bell. Source: Flickr

An improvised hut

A Subtle Revelry Why spend a fortune in buying a children's cabin when three wooden pallets, a few branches and a fabric will allow you to shape their lair of their dream? See rather! Source: Handmade Charlotte

A bubble of well-being

L 'biau jardin Designed in wicker, this hut at ground level, a true bubble of well-being, will quickly become the haunt of your children. Source: L 'biau jardin

A tree house

Si1very This very simple cabin made with raw wood will seduce more than one little blond head thanks to its location in a beautiful tree in the garden. Source: Flickr

A hut mounted on stilts

Barbara Butler In addition to being very pretty with its red Swedish style, this cabin is lucky to be mounted on stilts. Source: Barbara Butler

A birdhouse

Archilovers Imagined like a bird shelter, this cabin designed by Japanese designer Oki Sato will be the design touch of your garden. Source: Archilovers

A wooden hut

Chrisaxling With its natural color, this children's cabin easily blends into the trees. Source: Flickr

A mushroom hut

Ntr23 Like the famous Smurfs, set up a mushroom-shaped hut in the garden to please your little ones. Source: Flickr

A house-hut

Casanaute This pretty cabin in raw wood makes us think of a real house, miniature version, don't you? Source: Casanaute

A pirate hut

BHG Your little boy is an undisputed fan of the pirate world… What if you built a cabin for him on this theme? We love the result! Source: BHG

A hanging cocoon

House and Leisure Fully braided, this little cocoon will be a hideout most appreciated by your children. Source: House and Leisure

A tent cabin

The Hand Made Home To avoid the wooden cabin and facilitate access for several children, install two white curtains as an entrance. Source: The Hand Made Home

An incredible wooden cabin

Sky Scraper Life Installed to the best of several tree trunks, this cabin which seems to reproduce a real house model, is most breathtaking! Source: Sky Scraper Life

A hut with a recycled spirit

Mundo Fili Realized with pieces of sheet metal and reclaimed wood, this super cabin required only a mini budget and a few hours of patience. Source: Mundo Fili

An original cabin

Deavita Half open, half closed, with a ground floor and a first floor space, this natural wood cabin has been designed with great originality. Source: Deavita

A round hut

Cocoon Rather surprising, this round woven resin cabin that settles where you want, doesn't it? Source: Archiexpo

A funny cabin

Shay J Design With its many staircases, this children's cabin seems straight out of the fantastic world of Alice in Wonderland. Source: Shay J Design

A cabin at the bottom of the garden

Nest Perched So that the children have their own space, install their cabin in a corner of the garden. Thus, they can indulge their imagination without the risk of being disturbed. Source: Perched Nest

An all-glass hut

Debra Prinzing With its roof more than worked and its glass facades, this cabin will be appreciated by little girls who are looking for Prince Charming. Source: Flickr

A cute cabin

Tassels We literally fell in love with this wooden cabin painted in light gray and in which children will love spending hours. Source: Tassels

A barely perched hut

Marqueyssac Installed between two large low branches, this suspended cabin can accommodate adults and children. Source: Marqueyssac

A mini hut

Archi Expo To meet up with friends or to observe nature making its way through the garden, a mini hut like this will do the trick! Source: Archi Expo

A rounded hut

Ecological Habitat Simply placed on the ground, this cabin surprises with its rounded shape which still allows children to stand there. Source: Ecological Habitat