10 light objects for the garden

10 light objects for the garden

When night falls, the garden takes on a whole new atmosphere with bright furniture. You can then create a poetic or rather festive atmosphere depending on the accessories you choose. Here is a selection of 10 bright objects to adopt in the garden.

A poetic atmosphere

Smart & Green Wherever you go after dark, you will be able to offer yourself contemporary lighting that will add a poetic touch to the night. This LED light ball can for example be installed in your garden but also find its place on the beach.

Cubes around the pool

Smart & Green To create a real light atmosphere around your pool, you can opt for several light cubes that you will have to border the pool. Choose warm colors for a festive spirit.

A light side table

Smart & Green For a drink in the garden in an original atmosphere, bet on a high table where you can sit with a few friends. Like a bar, this side table will allow you to arrange your glasses. The table will not only provide you with additional lighting but also a real atmosphere.

Luminous accessories on the water

Slide If you have a swimming pool, stage it by opting for luminous objects which will float on the water as if by magic. Make sure that the light spheres can be in contact with water before you start.

A festive light piece of furniture

Slide For evenings in the garden, you can treat yourself to an amazing piece of furniture that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors all night. This original piece of furniture serves both as a table and as a bench seat to set up in a friendly atmosphere. The plus: the soft light diffused to create a subdued atmosphere.

Luminous pots

Castorama What if you staged the plants in your garden after dark? Thanks to the bright flower pots, it's possible! You can then tuck in a light path to take you to the terrace, for example.

A bright garden furniture

Smart & Green If you want an original garden furniture, you can turn to bright furniture. This living room offers, for example, a coffee table, two armchairs and a light ottoman to sit with friends. Play with the different colors for an original effect.

Luminous accessories

Alinéa To create an atmosphere during the evenings which continue after dark, think of all the light accessories that you can have around your garden furniture. Play with the fixtures to place but also to hang from your arbor.

Color in the garden

Castorama Finally, know that to create your atmospheres in the garden or by the pool, you can play with color! Some light objects can change color thanks to the LEDs and for others it will be enough to change the bulb.