Recovered ideas to divert furniture and objects to the nightstand

Recovered ideas to divert furniture and objects to the nightstand

Even better than the ordinary bedside table, there are furniture or objects diverted into a custom bedside table! Original and inexpensive, this option requires only a little creativity, a little tour in the attic or in a flea market.

Bedside table / trunk

Fly Diverted into a bedside table, the decorative trunks, unique or stacked, in leather or wicker, impose a seaside or trendy travel style. It is our favorite.

Bedside table / stack of books

Ikéa Our bedside book? No ! Our bedside books! Now, they form a pretty pile next to the bed, and serve as an unusual and cultural night table.

Bedside table / coffee table

Ikea From the coffee table to the bedside table, there is only one step, the proof in pictures!

Bedside table / shelf

AM.PM Hang one or two wall shelves next to the bed and at the height of the box spring: you are now provided with a bedside table freeing the floor and a space to store books and glasses.

Bedside table / chair

Blanc des Vosges Installed at your bedside, a chair chosen in the style of the room suddenly becomes a bedside table. Easy !

Bedside table / stool

Les 3 Suisses After the chair, it is the turn of another seat to become an improvised bedside table: the stool! We put a book, an object and a lamp on it, and voila.

Nightstand / dresser

Blanc des Vosges The end of an extra low chest of drawers running along the wall to the bed becomes, in turn, a "bedside table" corner.

Nightstand / pedestal table

Ikéa The entrance pedestal table is placed at our bedside to carry everything we want to keep on hand before a night's sleep.

Bedside table / round table

Ikéa Are you about to throw too many small round tables in the living room? Install it in your room! Spacious, it will serve as an XXL night table.

Washing machine bedside table / drum

D'Home Productions The two drum doors are already in existence when the machine is first used, so it's super practical for sliding a bunch of objects into it. Once equipped with a bulb, its perforated outline allows to project a very poetic light. Perfect recovery idea and customization, we love it!

Wicker bedside table / armchair

La Redoute In this green room, we use a wicker armchair, in the same colors as a bedside table. It blends into the decor and adds a little poetic side by its color and shape. It is also practical for storing books and alarm clocks.

Bedside table / pull-out table

Maisons du Monde Usually in the living room, the pull-out table finds its place here in the bedroom and replaces the overly classic bedside table. In metal and glass version it brings a note of design and minimalism. We love the idea!

Bedside table / step stool

Pierre-Jean Verger Much more than a second hand, the stepladders that accompany the bed have this rustic and old side that immediately brings a chic country side to the atmosphere of the room. Plus: they have three shelves, so nothing is lying around!

Bedside table / drawer

Show Home We love this drawer converted into a bedside table. You had to think about it, but the idea is great. Thanks to the storage space, it allows you to build up your own little world. In addition, the idea is simple to carry out!

Bedside table / suitcase

Sophie B A little elbow grease, 4 feet recovered and a suitcase, it doesn't take more to create your own ultra personalized bedside table. WE love !

Bedside table / swing

Trend Hunter Yes, yes, we are in an adult room where there is a swing. Only here, it is not used as a game, but accommodates most of a nightstand.

Bedside table / side table

Ikea The trolley changes function, it is no longer in the kitchen or the dining room but in the bedroom. With its 4 casters, it is just as practical in this new bedside table function.

Bedside table / basket

Ikea In this room, the basket finds its place near the bed. It becomes a very practical storage pocket, we love it!

Bedside table / pedestal table

Maisons du Monde The small pedestal table, generally used as a pocket in the hall or in the living room, finds a new function in the bedroom. Perfectly matched to the decor, it becomes a charming ally!