5 cooking styles: get inspired!

5 cooking styles: get inspired!

The kitchen now follows the decor style of the house! There are as many different kitchens as there are interior decorations. So when the kitchen is open to the living room, it stays in harmony with the rest of the decor. Here are five kitchens to inspire you.

Contemporary cuisine

Schmidt ### Wood is making a comeback in contemporary cuisine! The lines are very simple to get away from the rustic style. To stay in the trend, we put on a clear wood essence.

Bistro cuisine

Arthur Bonnet ### For a more bistro style, we put on very textured wood that we will associate with dark colors like gray. For furniture, bet on retro metal stools from Tolix.

Pop cuisine

Ikea ### In pop cooking, bring in the color! You can choose colorful furniture but also paint a wall if you want to keep your old furniture while giving a boost to your kitchen.

Scandinavian cuisine

Ikea ### Finally, for a very soothing Scandinavian style, do not hesitate to combine cupboards and a wooden worktop with other white furniture. Play on the pure lines which will reinforce the graphic aspect brought by the different colors.